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NEW Flower Pot Heater - Costs Just 4 Cents An Hour To Run...

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Описание материала:

Simple, effective, cheap heater alternative to keep you warm this winter...

Additional Video Notes:

- COST: Costs mentioned in the video are base on Australian prices for Ikea candles - The may be cheaper/more expensive elsewhere

- TIME: It takes about and hour to make a noticeable difference on overall room temperature. But sitting next to it makes a huge difference. e.g. if you're working at your desk, sit it next to you

- MODIFICATIONS: The version shown in the video doesn't have any holes in the the top for the warm air to escape like many others on shown Youtube do. I have tried both configurations and my conclusion is that both options work well, but have slightly different applications
-- No holes version gets hotter and therefore is better if you are sitting next to it as you get more radiant heat
-- With holes version lets some of the hot air escape out the top and therefore fills the room with hot air, and is thus better for heating a larger area.

-- How to make a halving Joint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGfI4GRjm40

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